About us

Everyone has a camera in his pocket today. Think about it, professional gear is now accessible to everyone. We can shoot 2K and 4K. We can basically make our cameras fly.

I created BIGFILMS as a continuation of this global impulse. Being a filmmaker myself, I’ve always looked for tools to make my projects look bigger, bolder and and visually arresting. When those tools didn’t exist, I decided to create them myself.

Now imagine that all filmmakers had not only killer pro gear in their backpack, but also high-quality post-production tools. And imagine they are so ridiculously easy to use that their short films would look like Joss Whedon’s blockbusters in just a snap of a finger.

Well, that’s what we’ve done. Turn your computer into a true Hollywood studio.

It’s the last Stone missing in your filmmaker’s Infinity Gauntlet!

Steven Liszka